Task Automation With Grunt

This month I started a fresh project and found myself in need of a task runner to handle the build process. While I've heard good things about Gulp, I have »

First Slice Of Interview Cake

I mentioned Interview Cake in my previous post. Parker Phinney, an ex-Google engineer created Interview Cake as a study tool that preps software engineering candidates for coding interviews. After a »

Getting Down With Fibonacci

Having made the switch from Wordpress to Ghost this week, I decided that I wouldn't bother to migrate my old blog content. I'm going to make one exception for this »

Ghost Blogging Platform - Finishing Touches

As promised, here's the follow up to my previous post Deploying Ghost Blogging Platform With OpenShift. We're going to be adding support for: Custom Domain Comments Syntax Highlighting Deploying Theme »

Deploying Ghost Blogging Platform With OpenShift

First, let's see how we can get a fresh Ghost install running. Once I'm up and running there will be a follow up post with instructions for adding a custom »